Underwater Camera Solution For Aquaculture Farm

Tom Yao
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Linovision underwater camera solution is specially designed for aquaculture farms, featuring 316L stainless material, unique anti-corrosion coating and 10-levels adjustable light control. The design of while LEDs and advanced image processing technologies ensure a high definition video even in the muddy underwater environment. A variety of sensors can be integrated into this system, including dissolved oxygen sensor, water temperature sensor, etc. This system supports wired or wireless transmission, such as 4G LTE or CPE wireless transmission. This system can also be widely used in water treatment facilities, reservoirs, dams, marine aquariums, etc.

Features of Underwater Camera

Multiple Sensors Integration | Adjustable Light Control | 4G/CPE Wireless Transmission optional | Solar power | 316L Stainless material anti-corrosion | Up to 100m depth


Underwater IP Camera with 316L Stainless Steel Case and 5 Pcs White LEDs
Designed for Aquaculture Farms


4K POE IP Underwater Camera for Aquaculture and Underwater Inspection


Industrial Underwater Camera with Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature Sensors
Designed for Aquaculture Farms

System Topology Diagram