UPS POE Surveillance System

Tom Yao
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UPS POE Surveillance System

There are many locations that the grid power supply is not stable or period off, for example, street light pole, some rural areas, etc. So, the challenge to provide video surveillance in these locations are the times without grid power and non-stop turnover between grid power and battery.Linovision provides this UPS POE system for this kind of applications.

Outstanding Features

  • Support 90-240V AC grid power input and non-stop switch between grid power and battery
  • Built-in 360Wh LifePO4 battery, the safest lithium battery in the market
  • Provide versatile outputs, including 24V/48V POE, DC12V, DC24V/48V and Ethernet port. It can then work with most of video surveillance device in the markets, for example, standard POE IP cameras, Ubiquiti wireless CPE, 4G router, NVR,POE Switch, etc.
  • Built-in 4G LTE wireless and cloud network management
  • Optional Wireless CPE/Bridge device, no expensive cellular charge is required.
  • Compact in dimension, 34cm (length) x 24cm (width) x 16 (height)
  • Plug-n-play operation

UPS POE System + Battery PTZ Bundle

This bundle is one of the most easy-to-install video monitoring system. It includes one rapid deployment PTZ camera (4GPTZ-Portable230) and UPS POE System (Solar-UPS230). The PTZ camera supports 360 endlessly monitoring and high-speed Pan/Tilt/Zoom control. The PTZ has built-in battery and can also be charged from the UPS POE system.



UPS POE System + ANPR Camera

This bundle is a standalone ANPR license plate recognition system that can attach to light pole. It includes one ANPR camera (IPC7A27-ANPR) and one UPS POE System (Solar-UPS230-4G). The system can be equiped with 4G LTE wireless router or Ubiquiti wireless CPE.


UPS POE System + ANPR Camera

UPS POE System + Active Deterrence Camera

This is an active deterrence camera bundle includes one active deterrence camera (IPC534AI-SL) and one UPS POE system (Solar-UPS230-4G). By adopting the latest deep learning technology, the camera can accurately filter motion detections triggered by human or vehicles. The camera provides built-in speaker and strobe light to actively deter potential intruders. The system also supports external blue & red alarm light and speakers. The alarm sound can be custom built and imported via WEB interface.This system has been widely deployed in these applications. Tourist attraction sites (Play welcome or alert message when there is visitors or vehicles walked by)
Recycle Station (Automatically prompt message to dump trash to the right place)
Residential or commercial facilities (To alert any potential intruders)


UPS POE System + Active Deterrence Camer

UPS POE System + Multiple Cameras

This multi-purpose UPS video monitoring system includes several cameras and one UPS POE power system (Solar-UPS530-4G). The camera can be an ANPR camera, a thermal + optical bi-spectrum camera or a multi-imager panoramic camera.  The system provides max 8 POE ports.


UPS POE System + Multiple Camera