• 侵入者を警告するアクティブなストロボ ライトとオーディオ アラーム
• 深層学習に基づく人間と車両のターゲット分類による誤警報の削減
• Powered by DarkFighter テクノロジーによる優れた低照度性能
• 解像度 4 MP の高品質画像
• 120 dB の真の WDR テクノロジーにより、強い逆光に対しても鮮明なイメージング
• 内蔵の双方向オーディオを介してリアルタイムのセキュリティを提供

GO BOX-Vの優れた機能

• 1.2mm ~ 1.5mm の SECC スチール製の堅牢な筐体
• 優れた冷却および換気設計を備えた、屋外での使用に適した頑丈な設計
• 内蔵の大容量リチウム電池 (12V50AH、12V100AH、または 24V50AH)
• ビルトイン産業用 4G ルーター (オプションの Ubiquiti CPE)
• 50W、100W、150W、または最大 200W のソーラーパネルをサポート
• カスタム出力ポート (DC12V、DC 24V、POE 48V、POE 24V、RS485 ModBus など)
• ポール マウントとウォール マウントのコンパクトな寸法、30cm(W) x 47cm(H) x 18cm (D) または 11.81 インチ x 18.5 x 7.09 インチ

Linovision Solar-Box-V is a versatile and compact box designed for solar power security camera systems. The box includes all the essential parts for a professional solar power system, including high capacity lithium battery, solar charge controller and wireless transmission.
MPPT Solar Charge Controller
High Capacity Lithium Battery
Up to 200W Solar Panels
4G LTE or CPE Wireless

Outstanding Features

IP66 Outdoor Rated

Rugged and weatherproof design for outdoor use
Top cover with 45º inclination for water sink
Rubber gasket around the connection parts
Double sideboards to ensure waterproof and ease of camera mount

Cooling and Ventilation

Powerful FAN on top the box to exhaust hot air
Fresh air input from both sides of the box

SECC Steel and Paint

The box is mde of 1.2mm to 1.5mm SECC steel, it is strong enough to prevent distortion in 1,000kg pressure.
The surface of the box adopts outdoor pure polyester fluorocarbon paint, with resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, prevent oil and gas stains, anti-ultraviolet.
Moreover, we can custom printed patterns for your specific projects.

Suitable for Pole Mount and Wall Mount

Compact dimension 30cm(W) x 47cm(H) x 18cm (D) or 11.81” x 18.5 x 7.09”
Gross Weight is about 14kg to 20kg (30-44 lbs) depends on the battery installed.
Suitalbe for pole mount with pole diameter between 8cm and 30cm (3.15” to 11.8”)
(Pole mount brackets and wall mount brackets are included in default package)

Empower the system with cameras and IOT Sensors

The Solar-Box-V is designed to mount multiple security cameras and IOT sensors.
Linovision provides a variety of choices for you.
Solar Box Inside Empty
Solar Box with 4G router, MPPT
Solar Controller and 30Ah battery
Solar Box with 4G router, MPPT
Solar Controller, 30Ah battery and
8-port DC12V POE Switch
Fan with temperature control and door open sensor
Enhanced side board to mount cameras
pole mount brackets
wall mount brackets

Recommended devices

-LPR cameras
-Active deterrence cameras
-Thermal imaging cameras
-Multi-Imager Panoramic cameras
-NVR Recorders (inside of the box)
-IOT sensors

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