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  • 【泥だらけの水中に最適化】LINOVISION 産業用水中カメラは、養殖場や泥だらけの水中に最適化されています。深海でのイルミネーション用にハイパワー白色LEDを搭載。リモート コンピューターまたはモバイル アプリからの 10 レベルの明るさ制御をサポートします。レンズと LED を別々に配置することで、ビデオへの光の影響を効果的に回避します。
  • 【2MP HD1080P & サポートPOE】1/2.8インチのSONY 291 CMOSセンサーを搭載した2MP水中カメラは、2.0メガピクセルの解像度1920x1080P@25fpsを実現します。2.8mmレンズは100°の広角視野を提供します。Power Over Ethernetネットワークをサポートし、30wが付属しています。 POE インジェクター、簡単な取り付けと配線。
  • 【316L 耐腐食ケース & 特別な水中ケーブル】 316L ステンレス製ハウジングとブラケット、IP68 防水、耐腐食性、最大 50 メートル (164 フィート) の深さの湖水と海水用に設計されており、底に長期間固定できます。水中ケーブルは、水中環境向けに特別に設計されており、防水性、耐腐食性、老化防止、伸縮性に優れています。
  • 【複数のパッケージの組み合わせ】IPC422UW-10 カメラ、さまざまな長さの特殊な水中ケーブル、4ch 4K PoE NVR、ハンドヘルド ターミナル、4 ポート POE スイッチが含まれています。
  • 【24時間年中無休の米国ローカル+グローバル技術サポート】このカメラには1年間の保証、24時間年中無休の米国ローカル+グローバル技術サポートが付いています。こちらからお気軽にお問い合わせください。いつでも喜んでお手伝いします。
 IPC422UW-10 (450.8KB)
    SKU: IPC422UW-10STD
    SKU: IPC422UW-10STD
    Linovision Industrial Underwater Camera is optimized for aquaculture farms or muddy underwaters. It equips with high power white LEDs for illuminations under deep waters. It supports 10 levels of brightness control from remote computer or mobile App. The separate layout of lens and LEDs effectively avoids light influence on video. It also supports POE, which simplifies wiring. It designed with 316L stainless material, unique anti-corrosion coating, can be long-term fixed in the bottom of 50 meters water.
    Outstanding Features:
    • High power LEDs for white illumination under deep waters, 10 levels remote adjustment
    • 2MP HD1080P resolution
    • Support Power Over Ethernet network
    • 316L stainless housing and brackets designed for max 50 meters (164ft) depth of waters
    • Anti-corrosion materials for lake waters and ocean waters.
    • Come with 10 meters (33ft) underwater cable by default. Up to 50 meters (164ft) cable is available upon request.
    • Remote access video from PC WEB client, Client software and Mobile App (free of license)

    Aquaculture farms, water treatment facilities, reservoirs, dams, marine aquariums, etc.
    Also known as anti corrosion camera, corrosion free camera, marine camera, boat camera, maritime camera.
    316L Stainless Material
    316L stainless housing and brackets, anti-corrossion, designed for max 50 meters (164ft) depth of lake water and ocean water, can be long-term fixed in the bottom of water.
    Separate Design
    The unique design of camera keeps a certain distance between the lens and lights, avoiding the influence of the light on the lens, making the image clearer and more realistic.
    Adjustable Light Control
    The camera with 3 white LEDs and 5 Infrared lights supports 10-level brightness setting, to adapt to different lighting environments.
    Support PoE
    Support Power Over Ethernet network,simplified wiring and installation.

    Underwater POE IP Camera Overview

    Available Packages

    Standard Package (IPC422UW-10STD)

    Includes one IPC422UW-10 camera, 10 meters (33ft) special underwater cable and 4 Port POE Switch.

    Pro Package (IPC422UW-10PRO)

    Includes one IPC422UW-10 camera, handheld terminal with 4inch touch screen, 10 meters (33ft) special underwater cable and 4 Port POE Switch. This handheld terminal is used to configure camera and display video locally. Its built-in battery can also supply POE power to camera temporarily.

    Ultra Package (IPC422UW-10ULTRA)

    Includes one IPC422UW-10 camera, 4ch 4K PoE NVR, 2TB Hard Disk Drive, handheld terminal, 10 meters (33ft) special underwater cable and 4 Port POE Switch.The NVR can connect up to 4 underwater cameras and display & record video on HDMI monitor or TV screen. This NVR is also compliant to Hikvision/ONVIF security cameras.


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