This ALPR network bullet camera is a fully integrated camera with built-in license plate recognition hardware and software,no additional LPR software or license is required.

Outstanding Features

• Powered by Al deep learning technologies
• Up to 98% recognition accuracy, much higher than regular OCR based recognition.
• Comes with protection housing,vandal-proof design
• Dedicated firmware for the Unite States,Europe,Asia and Middle East.
• 3.8-16mm motorized lens

This ALPR camera with protection housing is mostly suitable for communities, parking lots, car wash shops, gas stations,etc. It can be seamlessly integrated with NVR recorders,VMS management software and Nayota LPR cloud.


Features of LPR Camera and ANPR Camera

Powered by Deep Learning | High Recognition Rate | Already Deployed in 50+ Countries | Works in all light conditions

Powered by Deep Learning

This camera is powered by built-in Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. It detects and recognizes vehicle’s license plate and send the data to smart NVR or VMS software for access management.

Deep Learning technology gives you superior recognition results over conventional OCR Cameras.

Deep Learning technology ensures that the camera will not be triggered by the following scenes; pedestrian crossing, letters on clothing, roadside fence, letters on vehicle, billboard, and vehicle with no plate.

Upgraded Chipset

The ANPR camera uses the new generation high performance chipset to reduce the missing rate effectively.

Vehicle Attributes Analysis

The LPR camera supports vehicle attributes analysis when detecting the vehicles. It can read vehicle brand, model, color, etc. This makes you can quickly seach by vehicle attributes to improve efficiency (in back-end).


License plate recognition system reads and identifies license plate automatic, making it easier for retail parking operations, law enforcement, municipal and commercial organizations to locate vehicles of interest or enforce parking restrictions.

Seamless Integration

View recognition results in real time. Searching, viewing, managing your results in NVR, VMS tools are as simple as browsing your photo album.

Integration with NVR

Use your NVR to view recognition results in real time. You can also configure your LPR cameras to meet your needs on NVR easily.

Integration with VMS

Searching, viewing, managing your results VMS(Video Management Software) is as simple as browsing your photo album. It allows you to view multiple cameras, record and retrieve video and monitor alarms.

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