【LONG TRANSMISSION DISTANCE】Ethernet&POE extender/splitter/repeater/amplifier/ switch up to 200 meters (660ft), or max 300 meters (1000ft) with cascade deployment.
【2 PORT POE EXTENDER】2 port POE extender, running one cable to connect to 2 IP devices(30W+ PoE Injector is recommended), or 3 IP devices with cascade deployment when working with 60W POE Injector. (Power consumption of IP camera should be less than 8W)
【FOR BOTH POE NON POE DEVICE】This POE extender can be used as normal Ethernet extender/splitter as well as POE extender/splitter.
【EASY INSTALLATION】Passive design, no power adaptor is required. Plug-and-play, configuration free. Small size (3.1” * 2” * 1”), can be fit in a junction box.
【24/7 US LOCAL + GLOBAL TECH SUPPORT】This product comes with 1-year warranty, 24/7 Life-time US LOCAL + GLOBAL Tech Support. Free system consultant service. Just feel free to contact us here. Ready and willing to help in anytime.

 POE-Extender02 (1.8MB)

SKU: POE-Extender02
SKU: POE-Extender02
Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables the delivery of ethernet data and power simultaneously over a single Cat5 or Cat6 network cable. POE technology makes the network devices deployment much easier and eliminate the requirement of electrical regulations. Therefore, more and more devices are becoming IP based and PoE Powered. Below are the list of most common PoE devices:
• Security Cameras (IP Cameras)
• VoIP Phones
• Wireless Access Points
• PoE lighting
• ATMs
• IP intercoms
• Security card readers
• Access controllers
One of main limitations of PoE is the 100 meters (328 feet) transmission distance between PSE (Power sourcing equipment) and PD (Powered Devices), regardless of the PoE power. This limitation can be broken by PoE Extenders.
Linovision PoE Extenders feature plug-n-play operation and two extension ports.

Three main benefits of using Linovision two ports PoE Extenders:

• Extend Distance
Each Linovision PoE Extender can extend another 100 meters of PoE transmission. And it supports cascade deployment. For example, it will support 400 meters of PoE transmission when using 3 levels of cascade deployment.
• Extra PoE Ports
This is pretty useful when there are more than one PoE devices in a location, this eliminates the expense to run another ethernet cable. More PoE ports will be available when using cascade deployment.
• Plug-n-Play
There is no configuration is required and no power supply is required at the device side.

Available Models

• Passive two ports PoE Extender
• 30W PoE Budget (IEEE802.3af/at)
• 10M/100Mbps Bandwidth
• Passive two ports PoE Extender
• 30W PoE Budget (IEEE802.3af/at)
• 10M/100Mbps Bandwidth
• Waterproof enclosure

• Passive two ports PoE Extender
• 90W PoE Budget (IEEE802.3af/at/bt)
• 10M/100/1000Mbps Bandwidth
• Waterproof enclosure
Application 1 – Using POE-Extender02 to provide power to two IEE802.3af PoE IP Cameras
Application 2 – Using POE-Extender02 in one hotel room
Application 3 – Cascae deployment for multiple hotel rooms
Application 4 – Using POE-Extender02WP to provide power to two outdoor PoE IP Cameras
Application 5 – Using POE-Extender02WP to provide power to one outdoor PTZ camera
Application 6 – Using POE-Extender02GP to provide power to two 802.3at PoE devices
Application 7 – Using POE-Extender02GP to provide power to POE Lighting

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