IPC7PT5326 is a Triple-directional Panoramic camera with PTZ. It is able to capture 240°images with the panoramic cameras, as well as close-up images with the PTZ camera.

Outstanding Features
• Panoramic camera: 3 * 2MP lens, Fixed 4mm, adjustable rail
• PTZ camera: 1x 2MP tracking PTZ, 10x ZOOM Focus: 5-50mm
• Fixed lenses and PTZ lens linkage design, just one click to use PTZ 10X zoom in to monitor details found in fixed lenses.
• Up to 164ft (50m) IR distance; Audio/Alarm I/O;
• Three flexible cameras are adjustable along a circular track, slide range: 0° to 270°
• Three flexible cameras can tilt rotate from 15° to 55° independently

It is ideal for open public areas such as school campus, square, zoo, park, etc. It can monitor four direction at the same time which only four traditional cameras can do this work.

IPC7PT5326 Datasheet



Why use Panoramic Multi-Imager Camera?

  • IPC7PT5326 = 3 x 2MP fixed lens cameras + 1 x 2MP 10x zoom PTZ camera
  • Cover 240° wide area with 10x zoom spotlight view
  • Easier cabling with one network cable
  • One IP address with 4 different views
  • Panoramic view without image distortion

Outstanding Features

Panoramic Views | PTZ Control | 50m IR Distance | IP66 Outdoor Use

Other Features
Panoramic Camera

  • Three Flexible Cameras Are Adjustable Along a Circular Track Slide Range: 0°to 270°
  • Tilt Rotate From 15° to 55° Independently UP to 3-ch 1920 × 1080 @30fps Resolution
  • Horizontal FOV: 80.7° × 3
  • Vertical FOV: 43.5°
  • Up to 100ft IR Radius

PTZ Camera

  • 10× Optical Zoom, 8× Digital Zoom
  • Up to 1920 × 1080 @30fps resolution
  • Up to 164ft (50m) IR Distance


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