$399.00 USD

Nayota LPR Box is an essential gateway for LPR cameras to upload license plates to Nayota LPR cloud, which is a centralized license plates management portal. Each LPR box can work with up to 16 license plate cameras.

Outstanding Features
• Working with up to 16 license plate cameras
• DHCP enabled, it will connect to Nayota Cloud automatically once it is online.
• Communicate with LPR cameras, retrieve license plates and then upload to Nayota LPR cloud instantly.
• Get snapshots of license plates and store them locally
• Manage LPR whitelist / blacklist from LPR cameras
• Support WEB access
• Support remote VPN access, much easier for remote configuration
• Front LED panel to display connection status, IP address, MAC address, hardware temperature, etc.
• 5-28V DC wide range of power input
• Industrial design with heat sink
• One RJ45 Ethernet port
• Optional wireless transmission (4G LTE cellular, Wi-Fi, Lora, NB-IOT, etc.)

Gas stations, communities, car wash, car dealerships, parking lots, etc.