IOT-S300CO2 二酸化炭素センサーは、環境中の二酸化炭素の濃度を検出するために使用されます。インポートされた高性能二酸化炭素センサー検出デバイスを採用し、敏感な応答、高い測定精度、優れた安定性と再現性を備えています。屋内外の環境空気質モニタリング、農業用温室、花などの植物の栽培、その他 CO2 モニタリングが必要な場合に広く使用されています。


• 高い測定精度
• 壁に取り付けられたシェル、取り付けが簡単
• アナログおよびデジタル信号出力オプション
• 優れた性能、優れた長期安定性


HVAC および室内空気モニタリング

 IOT-S300CO2 データシート.pdf

【Product description】
IOT-S300CO2 carbon dioxide sensor is used to detect the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment. It adopts imported high-performance carbon dioxide sensor detection devices, with sensitive response, high measurement accuracy, good stability and repeatability. It is widely used for indoor and outdoor environmental air quality monitoring, agricultural greenhouses, cultivation of growing plants such as flowers and other occasions that require CO2 monitoring.
● High measurement accuracy
● Wall-mounted shell, easy to install
● Analog and digital signal output optional
● Superior performance, good long-term stability
【Scope of application】
● HVAC and indoor air monitoring
● Office buildings, commercial building control and other occasions where CO2 measurement is required
● Agricultural temperature greenhouse, flower planting, animal husbandry breeding
【Technical Parameters】
【External structure】

【Detailed description】

【1. Product Details】
【2. Product design】
【3. Easy to install】
【4. Waterproof and breathable membrane】
【5. High performance circuit】
【Electrical connection】
【Product wiring】

【Product application】

【System introduction】
The intelligent environmental station system adopts advanced sensing technology and cloud architecture mode to achieve environmental data collection such as temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, rain and snow rainfall, PM2.5/PM10 air quality, and access through wired or wireless GPRS. Cloud, automatic storage of environmental data and online analysis and monitoring. The user can log in to the system through the PC or the mobile terminal to obtain the environmental data information cloud service in the environment station area, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of production and life.
【Supporting sensor】
【Cloud platform PC interface】
【Cloud platform mobile phone interface】

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