IOT-S300SMT 土壌温度および湿度センサーは、土壌水分と土壌温度センサーの組み合わせで、土壌水分と土壌温度の測定と研究を容易にします。この製品は、高精度、高速応答、安定した出力を備えています。土壌の塩分の影響が少なく、様々な土壌特性に適しています。長期間土に埋設可能、長期電気分解耐性、耐食性、真空ポッティング、防水防錆。



 IOT-S300SMT データシート.pdf

【Product description】
IOT-S300SMT soil temperature and humidity sensor is a combination of soil moisture and soil temperature sensors to facilitate the measurement and research of soil moisture and soil temperature. The product has high precision, fast response and stable output. It is less affected by the salt content of the soil and is suitable for various soil qualities. Can be buried in the soil for a long time, resistant to long-term electrolysis, corrosion resistance, vacuum potting, waterproof and rust-proof.
● Small size design, easy to carry, simple installation, operation and maintenance
● Good airtightness, can be buried in different depths of soil for a long time
● High measurement accuracy and reliable performance
● Fast response speed and high data transmission efficiency
【Scope of application】
● Water-saving agricultural irrigation, weather monitoring
● Greenhouses, flowers and vegetables, grass pastures, soil testing
● Fields that need to measure soil moisture, such as plant cultivation and scientific experiments
【Technical Parameters】
【Shape structure and wiring method】

【Detailed description】

【1. Product Details】
【2. Product design】
【3. Vacuum potting】
【4. High quality steel needle】
【5. High performance circuit】
【6. Can be applied to a variety of earth environments】
【Electrical connection】

【Product application】

【System introduction】
The intelligent environmental station system adopts advanced sensing technology and cloud architecture mode to achieve environmental data collection such as temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, rain and snow rainfall, PM2.5/PM10 air quality, and access through wired or wireless GPRS. Cloud, automatic storage of environmental data and online analysis and monitoring. The user can log in to the system through the PC or the mobile terminal to obtain the environmental data information cloud service in the environment station area, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of production and life.
【Supporting sensor】
【Cloud platform PC interface】
【Cloud platform mobile phone interface】

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