Linovision IOT-S500AM7 is a stylish wireless indoor air quality sensor for 7 elements monitoring, including CO2 concentration. These elements are essential factors to improve workspace productivity. The deployment of these sensors is very easy, no power plug and Wi-Fi network is required.

Outstanding Features:

• 7-IN-1 – It monitors 7 indoor air quality elements in one sensor, including CO2 concentration, TVOC, temperature, humidity, light, barometric pressure and motion detection.
• ULTRA-LONG RANGE WIRELESS TRANSMISSION – With LoRaWAN technology, this sensor can capture 7 elements of air quality data and transmit to gateway up to 10 miles away without wired cable. This wireless transmission is much longer than Wi-Fi or ZigBee, and unlike NB-IOT, it does not rely on cellular network.
• LOW POWER CONSUMPTION – It supports 2 years of continuous operation with its built-in battery, external USB charging or battery is also supported.
• HIGH SECURE – Support bank-level end-to-end AES128 encryption, mutual authentication, integrity protection, and confidentiality.
• SCIENTIFIC ACCURACY – With the adoption of industrial sensor probes, it offers Research-Grade-Level Accuracy air quality monitoring. Continuous measuring of air quality parameters provides accurate indication of the status of indoor air quality and environment.
• OPEN STANDARD – Offers device interoperability and global availability of LoRaWAN networks for speedy deployment of IoT applications anywhere.
• SPEEDY DEPLOYMENT – There is no power plug or Wi-Fi/cellular network is required to deploy these sensors. And it is very easy to setup the sensor with a smartphone with NFC (Near Field Communication) function.


Workspaces like Corporate offices, retail stores, supermarkets, schools



General Introduction

Create safe and comfortable workspaces that can increase productivity.
Employees want to be reassured that the buildings and indoor spaces they return to are safe. It requires real-time monitoring and control, actionable insights, and transparency. Indoor Air Quality matters in the office now more than ever. Tracking air factors such as temperature, humidity, CO2, PM2.5, and VOCs can help mitigate for Sick Building Syndrome and other risks. Monitoring the indoor air improves productivity, reduces sick leave and lets you optimize your energy usage. Benefitting office tenants, facility managers and building owners alike.
LINOVISION Air Quality Monitor Business Solution for Any Building.
The LINOVISION Air Quality Monitoring for Business solution is set up in a matter of minutes. The wireless monitors run on long-lasting batteries, making the solution easily scalable. The monitors connect to a Gateway which gives you instant access to your indoor air quality data which you can view in a simple and customizable dashboard. After only a few minutes you'll see live data on CO2, temperature, humidity, airborne chemicals, light, occupancy and pressure.Employees get peace of mind knowing how clean the air is in real time.

Track 7 Key Factors in One Terminal

Temperature: Cold temperatures can suppress the immune system and aid the spread of viruses. Set a notification, so you can adjust your thermostat, or add a trigger for this to happen automatically.
Humidity: Too much or too little moisture leads to cold, flu symptoms, and risk for toxic mold. You can set alerts so that you know when to turn on a dehumidifier to keep your space safe.
CO2: Indoor exposure to carbon dioxide can impair performance and decision-making. When you notice CO2 is high, you may want to reduce occupants in a room or open a window
TVOC: Toxic chemicals can be found in everyday materials. They can cause skin and respiratory irritation. If TVOCs spike, you can improve ventilation or open a window to improve your IAQ.
Light: Too much or too little lighting can cause physical discomfort, errors, and energy inefficiency. Understanding light patterns can help improve building energy savings.

Speedy Deployment

LINOVISION Air Quality Monitor Business solution is easy to deploy, installing AM107 Wireless Monitor as simple just like Mounting it on the wall. All data transmission Via LoRaWAN Wireless so its separate from current WiFi Network, Low-Power-Consumption makes the battery life up to 2 years, speaking of first time configuration via NFC, it could be done within a minute!

Designed for Corporate

This IAQ sensor is required to connect to LoRaWAN Gateway and upload data to the cloud. One gateway supports 2,000 connections of sensors in a ultra wide area or campus. Adminitrators can then monitor and manage all of these sensors in one dashboard.

Cloud GUI and Mobile App

Easy Configuration

Unlike regular wireless sensors that still require a laptop with special software to setup the sensor, this IAQ sensor supports NFC (Near Field Communication) configuration. As many new smart phones (like iPhone 11, iPhone 12) support NFC Reader mode, administrators can easily install an App and attach to the sensor to retrieve current settings, or modify parameters and apply to sensors. No expertise is required to setup this complete system.
Download Toolbox
Turn on NFC and attach the sensor to the NFC area
Configure your sensor

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