This MPPT Solar Controller working with 12V lead acid and lithium battery, max 10A current, support IR remote control and RS485 remote control.

Outstanding Features:

  • MPPT Technology, Compatible with Gel, AGM, Li, etc. battery type
  • Peak PV conversion efficiency up to 98%
  • Full load working temperature -31°F  to 131°F
  • Automatic 12v/24v Detection, with build in charge profile for Gel, AGM, NMC Lithium-ion, LFP Lithium battery type
  • Times periods Load Control (Timer+Dimmer)
  • Max output efficient of 96%
  • Aluminum housing for better cooling
  • Build in short-circuit, over-power protection
  • Compact design, water resistant with IP67 rating

SKU: Solar-ControllerMP10A

SKU: Solar-ControllerMP10A

Product Description

MP10A MPPT solar controller, using the maximum power point tracking technology, real-time tracking of the best working point of solar panel, with maximum power from PV to charge the battery, PV charge efficiency can be significantly improved. Because the product can be used for charging current, the voltage can be accurately controlled. Therefore, it is very suitable for the lithium battery charging, especially for small off-grid solar power system.
Multiple operation modes are provided including automatic mode, light-control mode, and manual mode. A test mode is also available for engineering installation.

Panel Introduction

① PV indicator (green)
③ Load indicator (yellow)
⑤ PV connection terminal
⑦ Load connection terminal
② Battery indicator (red/green)
④ IR communication connector
⑥ Battery connection terminal
⑧ Installation hole

Connection Instructions:

1.Please confirm the controller is pre-programmed with the battery setup you intend to use. Contact the seller if you have any doubts on battery compatibility.
2.Please connect in the following orders: 1. load device (security camera, LED light) 2. Battery 3. Solar panel. Please pay special attention to the device polarity. Reverse polarity can cause controller/device damage.
3.Solar controller needs a minimum battery voltage is of 9V to start the controller. For a 24V system, make sure that the battery voltage is higher than 18V. The load will be light up 10s after the battery connection to confirm correct wiring.
4.The controller is compatible with both 12V and 24V solar panel, the PV open circuit voltage should not exceed 100V. The solar panel PV-MPPT should be higher than the battery voltage.


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