IOT-S300TH temperature and humidity sensor adopts wall-mounted installation, built-in imported digital temperature and humidity sensor components, through industrial-grade microprocessor and digital-to-analog conversion processing, to ensure that the product output has excellent reliability, high precision and good interchangeability. It is widely used in building automation, climate and HVAC signal acquisition, greenhouses, and pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Product Features
• High measurement accuracy
• Built-in high performance microprocessor
• Multiple probes available
• Integrated use of temperature and humidity
• Superior performance and long-term stability

Widely used in building automation
Agricultural greenhouses, flower cultivation, etc.
Greenhouses and pharmaceutical and chemical industries, etc.

 IOT-S300TH Datasheet.pdf


External structure

Product Details

Product design
Easy to install
Original imported probe
High performance circuit
Multiple probes available
Electrical connection

Product wiring

System introduction

The intelligent environmental station system adopts advanced sensing technology and cloud architecture mode to achieve environmental data collection such as temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, rain and snow rainfall, PM2.5/PM10 air quality, and access through wired or wireless GPRS. Cloud, automatic storage of environmental data and online analysis and monitoring. The user can log in to the system through the PC or the mobile terminal to obtain the environmental data information cloud service in the environment station area, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of production and life.

Supporting sensor

Cloud platform PC interface
Cloud platform mobile phone interface

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