Active Deterrence Cameras: Motion-Activated Strobe, Siren, and Vocal Warnings, our goal is to prevent crime from happening – not just record it.

Tom Yao
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What Is Active Deterrence?


Do you like to install your security cameras in obvious locations to maximize their visibility? Do you often try to make your security cameras as obvious as possible? Have you ever wished your security cameras could warn intruders that they're being watched? Historically, the main purpose of a security camera is to capture evidence should an unfortunate event occur. Other than the deterrent of simply having one, however, security cameras don’t actively prevent these events. But not anymore! We have some new Active Deterrence cameras at LINOVISION. With visual and auditory warnings built right into these cameras, with their bright LED spotlight and loud siren, are designed to stop people in their tracks. you'll never have to worry about your surveillance going unnoticed by intruders again.

Before we jump into these cameras and their awesome features, let's start with the question you might be asking yourself right now: what even is active deterrence?

When you put up a security camera, it's probably because you want to make sure that the areas under your surveillance are crime-free. Because of this, any security camera install is considered an act of deterrence. However, most of the time the security cameras stand by, keeping a close yet silent eye on your property. It will surely capture any criminal activity on video. It may even alert you through a recorder or mobile notification. However, these cameras won't do anything on their own to prevent the crime from happening. They are passive.

Oppositely, active deterrence is any additional measure taken by a surveillance system to ward off potential intruders and to, well, actively deter crime. Our Active Deterrence Cameras will not sit idly by while an intruder appears on the scene. These cameras have the ability to warn potential criminals through a motion-actived strobe light, siren, and voice. It may sound simple at first, but for features like this to be useful, it takes some pretty advanced motion-detection technology.

Active Deterrence Features

When looking for an active deterrence security camera, there are a couple of things to look for. First, and most obviously, the camera needs a way to alert intruders of its presence. Second, and less obviously, the camera needs to be able to recognize human agency and distinguish relevant motion from the irrelevant. Our Deterrence Cameras knock both of these requirements out of the park. Let's take a closer look at how these cameras actively deter.

Visual Warning

When you take a look at the camera, the first thing you will notice is the strobe light right under the lens. When it detects motion, it will flash repeatedly, alerting anyone nearby of its presence. In the camera's web interface, you can adjust the strobe light's duration and frequency. Depending on how you have it set up, the strobe light will flash for anywhere between one second and one minute.

Less noticeable at first glance is the onboard speakers, located on the bottom of the camera. If the strobe light doesn't catch the attention of the intruder, then the audible warnings sure will. You can choose between several different sounds, including a siren, a voice, or a combination of the two.

Intelligent Motion Detection

This camera's motion-activated strobe light and audible warnings are fantastic. But on their own, they're really not that useful. This camera's intelligent motion detection features really hold everything together and make this camera stand out as one of the best active deterrence security cameras available. You see, cameras that use standard pixel-based motion detection are not super reliable, as the motion detection alarm is triggered anytime the pixels move around on the screen. These cameras will consider pretty much anything "motion," whether it's a burglar breaking into your home or a piece of dust floating by the camera's lens. For a normal surveillance solution, this isn't much of a big deal. It may fill up your hard drive with a ton of recordings, but it will still reliably capture all movement.

However, when it comes to active deterrence, these standard pixel-based motion detection cameras just won't hold up. Think about it. If you set your camera up to sound a siren and flash a light every time it senses movement, false alarms are a little bit more of a nuisance than if the camera was just recording video. For this reason, these active deterrence cameras bring a whole new motion-detection technology into our Active Deterrence cameras.

Active Deterrence Motion Detection

The intelligent motion detection on these active deterrence security cameras is pixel-based motion detection on steroids. It is still based on pixel motion, so unlike Passive Infrared motion detection (PIR), it can detect motion for as far as the camera can see. The difference between these cameras and a standard motion detection camera is its smart filters. Using a very high tech and complicated algorithm, these active deterrence cameras can actually tell the difference between human motion and other kinds of motion.

How does Active Deterrence Smart Motion Detection Work?

So let's say a bird hops across the parking lot, right down the middle of your deterrence camera's field of view. The camera will register the change in pixels and know that motion is happening. But before it does anything, it's going to analyze whatever it is that's causing the change in pixels. It will take the shape of whatever is moving, in this case, the bird. It will compare that shape to the thousands of shapes in its database. It will then classify the moving shape into one of three categories: human, vehicle, or other. Our little bird here will fall into the third category, and the camera will completely ignore the motion.

If, however, the camera decides that the moving object is either a human or a vehicle, it will register the motion as important. You can actually see this process directly from the live view on the camera's web interface. You can see in the images and video below that the green box around the human and the vehicle turn red once the camera registers the motion as important.

But wait, there's more! This amazing technology puts control in your hands. Would you like your camera to only target human motion and ignore vehicles? You can do that. The camera will still register vehicle motion as important, so the lines will still turn red. But the camera will not sound the alarm or start a recording. Want to target vehicles and not humans? Or both humans and vehicles? Whatever it is you have in mind for these cameras, you can easily accomplish in just a few clicks.

How Accurate is Active Deterrence Smart Motion Detection?

Here's the big question that I know you're probably asking right now. This technology sounds great and all, but does it work? How accurate is it? Will it really cut out all false alarms? Well, like all technology, it has its limitations. It's not going to give you accurate results 100% of the time. For instance, sometimes the active deterrence security camera installed in our back parking lot thought this yellow pole here was a human and registered some irrelevant motion as important. Sometimes it thought these people walking in front of cars were actually cars themselves. So I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you're never going to have a false alarm again. But here's what I can tell you with confidence. These active deterrence security cameras will reduce the amount of false alarms you experience from standard motion detection cameras by at least 90%.

Active Deterrence Camera Uses and Examples

So far, we've talked about the theory behind these cameras, their deterrence features, and their smart motion events. Now we're going to get practical. If you're wondering how you would use one of these cameras, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices pumping.

● Looking for a way to prevent copper theft from your air conditioner unit? Scare off copper thieves with your deterrence siren and strobe.

● Do you manage a no parking zone? Throw one of these cameras up there and watch the illegal parkers flee the scene.

● What about boat docks or other restricted areas? These cameras are a great way to keep people out.

But even if you're not interested in the deterrence features of these cameras, the smart motion detection still makes them insanely useful. If you disable the sounds and strobe, you can still benefit from these cameras.

● Want to set up a standalone camera with an SD card? Cameras can't hold as much space as a recorder. With their smart events, these cameras will save you tons of storage by only recording important motion.

● Looking for a way to receive push notifications to your cell phone based on activity on your property? Install one of these cameras and you'll only receive important push notifications. Install a standard motion detection camera and it'll blow up your phone day and night with false alarms.

● Do you want to see long distances in the dark? Okay, this doesn't have to do with smart motion detection. But our Active Deterrence bullet also has a super long IR range of 50m, perfect for any nighttime scenario.

Post time: May-11-2022