$109.00 USD

Linovision IOT-S500AM7 is a stylish wireless indoor air quality sensor for 7 elements monitoring, including CO2 concentration. These elements are essential factors to improve workspace productivity. The deployment of these sensors is very easy, no power plug and Wi-Fi network is required.

Outstanding Features:

• 7-IN-1 – It monitors 7 indoor air quality elements in one sensor, including CO2 concentration, TVOC, temperature, humidity, light, barometric pressure and motion detection.
• ULTRA-LONG RANGE WIRELESS TRANSMISSION – With LoRaWAN technology, this sensor can capture 7 elements of air quality data and transmit to gateway up to 10 miles away without wired cable. This wireless transmission is much longer than Wi-Fi or ZigBee, and unlike NB-IOT, it does not rely on cellular network.
• LOW POWER CONSUMPTION – It supports 2 years of continuous operation with its built-in battery, external USB charging or battery is also supported.
• HIGH SECURE – Support bank-level end-to-end AES128 encryption, mutual authentication, integrity protection, and confidentiality.
• SCIENTIFIC ACCURACY – With the adoption of industrial sensor probes, it offers Research-Grade-Level Accuracy air quality monitoring. Continuous measuring of air quality parameters provides accurate indication of the status of indoor air quality and environment.
• OPEN STANDARD – Offers device interoperability and global availability of LoRaWAN networks for speedy deployment of IoT applications anywhere.
• SPEEDY DEPLOYMENT – There is no power plug or Wi-Fi/cellular network is required to deploy these sensors. And it is very easy to setup the sensor with a smartphone with NFC (Near Field Communication) function.


Workspaces like Corporate offices, retail stores, supermarkets, schools