$3,999.00 USD

This portable 4G HD video station consists of one rugged 20x zoom PTZ camera, 4G/Wi-Fi transmission system, 10” touch screen, 3D joystick, high capacity battery pack, GPS and other accessories. This system is designed for rapid deployment of HD video transmission in any spaces without the limitation of wired network and power input.

Outstanding Features
• HD1080P resolution, 20x optical zoom
• 360° endless high-speed Pan/tilt Movement, outdoor rugged design
• Support dual 4G LTE network (SIM Cards purchased separately)
• Built-in large capacity lithium battery, up to 10 hours continuous working
• Built-in Wi-Fi, Support AP Mode
• Support Onboard Storage
• Built-in Mic and speaker, supports external mic and HDMI video
• Customizable cloud platform and mobile App

Law enforcement, event recording, video surveillance on light pole (especially when the power output from light pole is limited time only, the battery will keep the camera running 24 hours and automatically charge at night)